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Grange Frankfield Partnership (formerly Grange Change ) is a voluntary community organisation established in 2010 to seek co-operation with local authorities and interested parties to enhance the facilities, environment, and quality of life on the south side of the city.

Its primary objectives have been the conservation and restoration of the historic 18th century Vernon Mount House, as well as promoting the creation of a ‘ Super Park’ containing the lands of the former city landfill, extending to the open spaces on the hillside lands to the south of the South Ring Road, in which Vernon Mount House is situated. The connectivity would be by means of a pedestrian / cycle bridge. A significent endorsement of these objectives was secured at a public meeting held in October 2011, when local councillors and members of both houses of the Oireachtas spoke in support of the Partnership’s proposals.

We acknowledge the support we have received from both the Douglas and Frankfield Community Associations and also the Douglas Tidy Towns Committee in advancing the project. We greatly appreciate the County Council's response to our recommendations, and in particular its approach to the City Council to extend their consultant's survey and subsequent report on the proposed 'Super Park', to include the hillside open spaces of the Grange-Frankfield area.

In August 2013, the Partnership in association with Amberley Residents Association, initiated a project to refurbish the long- disused and neglected woodland walk in the Vernon Mount Valley. The undertaking, which is supported by SECAD under its Tús Scheme is estimated to last for approximately two years, and will serve as a template for the creation of the proposed connection from the Grange Road across the South Ring Road to the Tramore Valley Park and beyond. A major step towards achieving this connection was taken in May 2014, when the County Council purchased a strategically situated field on the Grange Road, which will provide the necessary access to the Vernon Mount Valley corridor.

In addition to the primary objectives outlined above, the Partnership also aspires to create an interest and awareness among the current generations residing in the area, in the rich heritage of history, architecture and culture left to us by past generations.














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