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"The Irish Georgian Society strongly supports the work of the Grange Frankfield Partnership in promoting awareness of Vernon Mount House, one of Ireland’s finest neo-Classical villas, and welcomes its ambitious initiative to re-present this beautiful house, its parkland, and its lively history to a broader audience."

Donough Cahill
Executive Director
Irish Georgian Society


"Vernon Mount Park is a great initiative both as a web presence and in the reality of what it is designed to promote. The single minded, focused way the campaign is run is a credit to all involved. The coming to reality of this web is just another expression of a worthy initiative that deserves to be supported and promoted. The saving of Vernon Mount House is I believe in very good hands. I would like to congratulate the Grange Frankfield Partnership and wish them well for the future. I drive past Vernon Mount most days and I can’t but look forward to its salvation. "

David O’Brien,
Executive Librarian, Douglas Library, Cork.


"The Grange Frankfield Partnership is an outstanding example of what a community can do for itself. This website is a wonderful resource for the people of Grange, Frankfield and the entire Douglas area. It is brimming with historical insights, but is also full of the joys of modern living. The site whets the appetite enormously for what will become a real ‘Super Park’ - the Tramore Valley Park, a significant addition to the south east environs of Cork city. Vernon Mount itself is a jewel in Cork's crown and under this intelligent and inspired plan, it will be an ideal hub for leisure and cultural activities.

Sir Henry Browne Hayes's life and adventures in Cork and in Australia are the stuff of blockbuster films and they are detailed here in all their colourful glory. Also among the vault of treasures on the site is a map which locates 23 "big houses" in the Douglas area - a concentration of wealth which illustrates that the prosperity of the district goes back a long way. This website is a superb and most entertaining read - and an educational tool which can be used by schools and all those interested in Cork's rich local history. The site is a credit to the Partnership and a testament to the dedication and hard work people are willing to undertake voluntarily on behalf of their neighbours. It is what civic spirit is all about. "

Maurice Gubbins,

Editor Evening Echo.














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